Twisted Metal

Twisted Metal
8.3 Overall Score
Story: 7/10
Gameplay: 9/10
Graphics: 9/10

Variety of vehicles and weapons to choose from | Well designed large scale environments | Rewarding and exciting online competitive gameplay | Sweet Tooth |

Short story mode | No online cooperative story mode | Online connectivity issues |

Game Info

DEVELOPER(S): Eat Sleep Play

PUBLISHER(S): Sony Computer Entertainment


GENRE(S): Driving

RELEASE DATE(S): February 12, 2012


Twisted Metal, the eighth installment in the franchise, brings vehicular combat to the PlayStation 3 with much anticipation. The developers, Eat Sleep Play, have been around since the dawn of the first PlayStation console, and so hopefully they have come close to perfecting the experience. Will this release continue the chaotic destructive combat that Twisted Metal has been known for or will it leave us with something to be desired?

The plot of Twisted Metal has remained the same from previous titles, with contestants entering Calypso’s tournament for the opportunity of getting any wish they so choose granted upon being victorious. The single-player story mode is broken into three separate sequences, each based on a different character. The first sequence focuses on Sweet Tooth, an ice cream truck driver who is suddenly overtaken by the demons within and murders his family with the exception of his daughter who flees. Sweet Tooth wishes to locate her whereabouts and dispose of her like he did the others. The second sequence follows Mr. Grimm. Upon witnessing his fathers death during a stunt as a child, he took up a life of crime. His enrolment into the tournament is due to the hope of changing the past by saving his father. The third and final sequence follows Dollface and her rise to fame as a runway model by any means necessary. She wishes to win and have herself displayed on the worlds largest runway for all to see.

The dark atmosphere of the Twisted Metal franchise is instantly captured as you view any of the cutscenes presented throughout the three story lines in single-player. Its violent and destructive nature is presented by each character as they mercilessly kill those who stand before them and their claim to victory over Calypso’s tournament. The environments offer several routes that you can explore due to its large scale. Each area also has many destructible objects. For example, you can destroy some buildings, glass, and walls to name only a few. Black Rock Stadium presents several dangers that should be avoided, but leading enemies into these traps may prove essential to your survival. The soundtrack offers some great songs that make hunting other vehicles more enjoyable. The inclusion of Rob Zombie tracks brings back memories from earlier installments of the Twisted Metal franchise.

The core gameplay mechanics have remained intact with some additional features since the first days of Twisted Metal. The primary objective for almost all single-player matches is simply to destroy your opponents with the weapons that are placed throughout the maps. There are also races where you have to come in first while manoeuvring through gates in order to detonate explosive charges that have been situated within enemy vehicles. These races interrupt the pacing of the game, as you can only win the race with the faster vehicles such as Crimson Fury or Kamikaze. A boss encounter also takes place at the conclusion of each story line. These encounters can get frustrating rather quickly, but the ability to continue from a checkpoint during the battle greatly improves your chances of success.

The chaotic destruction in Twisted Metal may lead you to thinking that the game lacks strategy, but this is very far from the truth. Knowing the position of weapon and health drops will greatly increase your chances of reigning fury down upon your enemies while staying alive. You can also utilize your specials such as firing your energy blast that stalls vehicles, dropping mines, and using your shield when you are about to come under attack. Luring enemies into dangerous areas such as the cliffs in Diablo Pass, the edges of the high-rises in LA Skyline, the traps in Black Rock Stadium, or even leading them towards an oncoming subway train in Metro Square can greatly reduce their health giving you an easy opportunity to finish them off.

Several different vehicles are available to choose from within Twisted Metal, however, most have to be unlocked by completing the single-player missions. The inclusion of a helicopter, Talon, is actually rather enjoyable. Its special chaingun weapon and the ability to lift vehicles up and drop them for massive damage gives you an advantage over your opponents, but it is also an easy target for the more skilled players online who will constantly use their special and stall your engine, making you vulnerable as you drop to the surface. Experiment with all the vehicles at your disposal to see which caters to your fighting style. Crimson Fury and Kamikaze are ideal candidates for the racing levels as their speed can’t be matched. Their increase in speed, however, results in a loss of armour and manoeuvrability. Vehicles such as Outlaw or Darkside offer additional armour, but lack speed.

The single-player story mode is rather short, offering only two to three hours of gameplay, depending on how many attempts it takes you to beat several levels as some can be difficult if you are not using the proper vehicles. You also have the option of playing the story mode through a cooperative split-screen mode. Sadly, there is no option for online cooperative story mode. There is also an offline four player death match mode where you can show-off to your friends.

Even though the single-player story mode is enjoyable, Twisted Metal is designed for online play. The 16 player death match modes can get hectic rather quickly. You can either continually lump yourself in close-quarters combat or stay at a distance and pick off opponents that are low on health. As mentioned above, knowing the locations of health and weapon drops will greatly increase your chances of success. You will also have to adapt each match to counter the strategic manoeuvres that your opponents present. The many strategies available will define how you play Twisted Metal online. Additional online modes include team deathmatch, hunted, team hunted, and nuke. The hunted modes involve destroying a designated target and whoever destroys the opponent becomes the next target. The nuke mode, taken from a boss encounter during the single-player gameplay, involves capturing an enemy chieftain and then bringing them to a missile launcher, where they are then strapped to a missile that you control. The attackers objective is to then try and destroy the enemy’s statue with the controlled missiles, while the defenders have to safeguard their chieftains and prevent any missile strikes from damaging their statue. Online gameplay is extremely enjoyable and will keep gamers occupied for an extended period of time. You can also unlock cars, skins, and additioanl items as you level up. The only current downside to the online experience deals with finding a game. Games that you try and join that have show open spaces will actually be full, resulting in a network error. Quick match even takes some time to get going, but patience will lead to continuous online matches that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Twisted Metal delivers a solid experience of vehicular combat, both offline and online. Even though the single-player story mode is short, it definitely pulls the gamer into the world of Calypso’s tournament. The large-scale and beautifully designed maps make for strategic encounters against your opponents from all angles. If you are looking for an in depth story, this is not the game for you. However, if you are looking to cause mass destruction while engaging other vehicles in combat, do not hesitate to pick up Twisted Metal.


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