7.3 Overall Score
Story: 7/10
Gameplay: 8/10
Graphics: 7/10

Variety of weapons at your disposal | Visual design is stunning | Characters produce an immersive experience | Decapitating mutants is enjoyable |

Story leaves us wanting more | Save manually or else you will pay for it | Constant texture issues | Single-player vehicular combat repetitive and boring | No online deathmatch modes |

Game Info

DEVELOPER(S): iD Software

PUBLISHER(S): Bethesda Softworks

PLATFORM(S): PS3, Xbox 360, PC

GENRE(S): Action

RELEASE DATE(S): October 4, 2011


From the developers of Doom and Quake, iD Software has incorporated another game into their list of successful shooters. RAGE offers gamers more than just an average shooter experience. You also take to the driver’s seat throughout the game as you move from one location to another, hoping to step away from linear gameplay. While RAGE does come with some flaws, it is still an overall enjoyable shooter experience.

RAGE introduces us to a post-apocalyptic earth, ravaged by the collision of an asteroid called Apophis in 2029. The story follows an Ark survivor as he awakes from his slumber inside his stasis capsule. The Ark program was initiated in order to safeguard individuals who would be necessary in order to rebuild civilization. Upon exiting the Ark you are immediately confronted and almost killed by two mutants, who are then killed by an individual named Dan Hagar. He transports you back to his small establishment where he reveals information about the events following the asteroid collision. Earth has become a barren Wasteland populated by small settlements whose primary concern is survival. Food, water, and medical supplies are of short supply, but that is not the only threat that the people face. Mutants roam the Wasteland, as well as several clans of bandits who continually make daily life miserable. You quickly come to learn about a faction called the Authority and their extreme fascination with Ark survivors. Their numbers and weaponry far outnumber that of any of the settlement, and so while many despise their actions due to the grip they hold on them, not many believe that standing against them is an option. It is at this point, however, that word of your success from mission and military prowess spreads among the citizens in various settlements, leading a member of the Resistance to contact you in hopes that you will be the saviour they have been waiting for. You eventually find yourself advancing upon the Authority’s headquarters, Capitol Prime, but then before you know it the game ends leaving you wanting more.

The visuals presented within RAGE are remarkable. The detail that is seen on environments as well as objects within settlements will interrupt your current objective in order to move in close to fully examine the artistic mastery that is depicted. You will notice the detail of graffiti, posters, architecture, rubble, character animations, the landscape, and even the hazy sky, to name only a few. The only issue that RAGE suffers from is the constant loading of textures as you move about the Wasteland. It becomes very apparent as you turn around frequently when being surrounded by enemies. The sounds within RAGE are also noteworthy, especially the voice acting. Both the music and sounds presented create a more immersive atmosphere while the character’s animations and voice acting make you take your time and explore the settlements in order to listen to what each character has to say.

RAGE is broken into two types of gameplay: first-person shooter and racing. iD software and Bethesda Softworks were successful in creating an open-world shooter, giving you the ability to freely roam the barren Wasteland in your vehicle and engage both bandits and mutants as they appear. This, however, is not the case. The Wasteland is exactly as it is described; barren. All you encounter while driving from one area to the next are a few bandit cars that you can destroy for a reward, and towers manned by one bandit that are situated at random locations throughout. Aside from a few missions that you can choose to complete from wall postings within towns, there are only four instances where you encounter enemies on foot on the Wasteland, and they are minimal at that.

Every other engagement takes place within a compound, sewer, prison, subway station, and several destroyed buildings. As you first enter the Hagar settlement, you are immediately given missions to ensure the safety of the inhabitants. Eventually you enter the town of Wellspring, and being a complete stranger, you first have to prove your worth by completing assigned tasks by both the mayor and the sheriff. Missions vary from killing enemies, transporting supplies, saving prisoners, and stealing enemy intelligence, to name only a few. There are also optional missions that can be located on a quest wall in both Wellspring and the Subway Town. One very enjoyable mission where you have to get a sponsor for your first race, places you inside a studio where waves of mutants are unleashed upon you. Your mission is to appease the viewers of the Mutant Bash television show to raise their ratings. You are most likely wondering how there is a television network in a post-apocalyptic world…don’t ask.

Aside from the Wasteland, every area has an abundant amount of enemies ready to kill you. If your health reaches zero in combat, you are able to revive yourself once using your defibrillator, which also harms enemies nearby. However, it takes some time for the defibrillator to recharge, and if you die again it is game over. The main flaw in terms of gameplay deals with saving your game. RAGE only auto-saves as you enter or exit an area, which leaves an extended amount of gameplay in between where the possibility of dying and having to replay the whole area is present. Constant manual saving detracts from the flow of gameplay and greatly reduces the overall immersive experience. The ability to drive around the Wasteland in a vehicle (just like in Borderlands) distinguishes RAGE from other shooters. You can drive from one location to the next, attempt jumps that are easily identifiable, and engage in vehicle combat throughout the Wasteland. However, after the second ride through the Wasteland you notice that this is all that is offered and feels very repetitive. The addition of competing in races in different towns to unlock better vehicles, weapons, armour, tires, and engines adds a lot more variety regarding vehicle gameplay, but it still falls short with the overall lack of enemies and allies present throughout the Wasteland. Even though the implementations of vehicles in an open-world game did not work out exactly how iD Software planned, RAGE still has a lot to offer in terms of gameplay.

There are a total of ten weapons that you can choose during combat in RAGE: pistol, assault rifle, combat shotgun, sniper rifle, striker crossbow, rocket launcher, and an authority machine gun. You also have access to wingsticks, HE grenades, and EMP grenades. Those who pre-ordered RAGE also got two additional weapons: double barrel shotgun and fists of rage. You will find yourself using all the weapons at your disposal, whether it is due to preference, or because of a lack of ammunition for your other weapons. An important feature that is also included in RAGE is the different types of ammunition that you can attain for each weapon, which can quickly alter the tide of battle when you are overrun. The combat shotgun is the weapon of choice against mutants as their artificial intelligence is rather impressive. Even though you mainly come across them in confined areas, they can still prove to be difficult at times as they use the environments in order to dodge your attacks. They are able to climb pipes, walls, and even ceilings, greatly increasing the threat that they impose upon you. Another weapon that can easily kill mutants are wingsticks. You can stock up on wingsticks from one of the several shops located throughout the towns and the mutants will cease to be a threat. Most mutants are killed by a single wingstick; either lodged into its stomach or decapitating its head. Another option to obtain wingsticks is to engineer them. In RAGE you have the ability to engineer aids and ammunition, as well as items that can be used in combat. As you travel throughout the Wasteland you encounter numerous pieces of what may seem to be junk, and while the urge to sell everything to get cash may present itself, you should hold onto these items as they will allow you to create items such as wingsticks, lock grinders, sentry bots and sentry turrets.

As mentioned above, there are several different clans of bandits located throughout the Wasteland and each clan possesses a different threat due to their special characteristics. The first clan that you encounter are the Ghosts. Even though their main weapons are short blades and pistols, their lack of armour increases their overall agility as they manoeuvre around your attacks. The Shrouded clan utilize all types of weapons, including RC bomb cars that will inflict mass amounts of damage to your vehicle if you get too close. The Wasted clan are extremely aggressive as they will try to get as close as they can and either attack you with a shotgun, pistol, or bash you with a burning club. The Gearhead clan are the most dangerous among the lot as they possess both heavy firearms as well as mechanical body armour that may seem impervious at first, but switching to either anti-armour or explosive rounds and they will regard you as an opponent to be reckoned with. Their understanding of technology also proves useful for them as they assemble and deploy sentry bots against you. There is also a Scorcher clan, who are supposed to be found within the Scorchers territory, but I do not recall encountering any of these enemies as I passed through. The Jackal clan, dwelling within their canyons, are also quite difficult at times as they run at you with clubs, try and shoot you with crossbows from afar, and even send balloons tied with explosives towards you.

There are also several mini-games throughout RAGE that you can take part in, and even gamble to make a quick dollar. You can play tombstone, five finger fillet, strum, and Rage Frenzy. Tombstone is a dice game that is the most difficult. Five finger fillet is where you time the stabbing of a knife between your fingers. Strum involves copying played notes on a banjo, and Rage Frenzy is a card game that utilizes playing cards that are located throughout the Wasteland. Rage Frenzy is definitely the easiest way to make lot of money in no time at all, assuming you have a decent deck.

RAGE‘s multiplayer is comprised of two gameplay types: Road Rage and Wasteland Legends. Road Rage pits you against other vehicles and you have to either collect falling meteors or destroy enemy vehicles to gain points. You also attain experience points to both unlock and upgrade vehicles. Wasteland Legends is a two-player co-operative mode that offers several additional missions that are referred to during the single player campaign. iD Software decided against including a competitive deathmatch mode as they wanted to explore the realms of creativity.

It is unfortunate that RAGE did not present us with a more purposeful story, especially towards its conclusion. The visual design is extraordinary with the exception of textures continually loading as you move about the areas in the Wasteland. The variety that is presented with regard to gameplay is the most enjoyable aspect of RAGE. You have the choice of decapitating enemies with wingsticks, deploying sentry turrets or bots against them or just advancing upon them with your arsenal of weapons that you have gathered. The choice is yours to make. Even though it has its flaws, RAGE should not be ignored.


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  • Stan Pasyk

    great concept for a game, but the over all experience can be perfected

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/35D5OP52CW76QMB2EAGBOVTMJY Anonymous

    The 2 player co-op is pretty bad a$$