Battlefield 3

Battlefield 3
9.0 Overall Score
Story: 9/10
Gameplay: 9/10
Graphics: 9/10

Cinematic Graphics | Rewarding and addictive online experience | Variety of vehicles | Destruction at its finest |

Linear single-player campaign | Squads only support four players online | No online/offline split-screen gameplay

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PUBLISHER(S): Electronic Arts

PLATFORM(S): PS3, Xbox 360, PC

GENRE(S): Action

RELEASE DATE(S): October 25, 2011

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Battlefield 3 is a first person shooter developed by EA Dice. They are responsible for the Battlefield franchise as well the title Mirror’s Edge, a thrilling first person action adventure game. Due to the many shooter games that have been released over the past year, gamers may feel overwhelmed on which title to purchase, especially if there are no demos or betas to examine beforehand. It is safe to say that Battlefield 3 will not disappoint.

Battlefield 3′s story begins with the protagonist, Staff Sergeant Henry Blackburn, being interrogated by two agents within the Central Intelligence Agency. He is ordered to recount his previous missions where he first came in contact with a man named Solomon and the People’s Liberation and Resistance (PLR) in order to get to the bottom of a nuclear terror plot that is assumed to occur in New York that same day. Aside from playing as Blackburn, you play as three additional characters that fill in the gaps between the events that unfold. The only negative aspect of the story is the way it is told. Black Ops was told in the same manner the previous year, and so this method of retelling missions does feel familiar to players. The campaign is also linear and confined, offering no freedom of direction that the Battlefield franchise is idealized for.

The visuals in Battlefield 3 are absolutely stunning. The cinematic experience that is offered is unlike anything ever seen in a video game. The textures and lighting bring not only the characters and vehicles to life, but also the environments presented within the single-player and multiplayer maps. Some maps have you advancing through dark streets and corridors, but a majority of the environments are presented on a rather large and impressive scale. One single-player mission has you advancing down the streets of Paris, France, where you are surrounded by police cars, restaurants, office buildings, and even the Eiffel Tower in the background.

Gameplay is defined by the following three features; destruction, variety and teamwork. The destruction that occurs throughout the game has always been a defining feature of the Battlefield franchise, and using the new Frostbite 2 game engine, the developers have greatly improved upon the gameplay from the previous installment. While you are unable to totally collapse building complexes as is illustrated during a triggered event from the first mission in the single player campaign, you are able to destroy entire walls, ceilings and rooftops of many buildings. Upon damaging structures, detailed bricks and other debris come crashing down on you or get thrown in your direction from the blast. Clouds of smoke also protrude from the destruction, blanketing the nearby area for a short period of time.

Battlefield 3 excels compared to other shooters by offering various means of attacking your opponents. There are two missions in the single player campaign where you are situated within a vehicle; the first being a gunner in a jet and the second being in a tank. While the means of attack is predefined for each mission in the single player campaign, the online experience presents numerous vehicles in almost every map that you can use. You have a choice of several tanks, jeeps, armoured personnel carriers, helicopters, jets and boats. Some maps such as Caspian Border are quite massive in scale, and so using a vehicle to traverse the terrain will greatly reduce the amount of time it takes to encounter opposition. The replayability is also greatly increased due to the amount of vehicles presented in the game that have the ability to alter your means of completing objectives. The variety that is presented online offers the player countless hours of fun and excitement.

The variety that the gameplay offers is further extended by the classes, amount of weapons, attachments, perks and vehicle upgrades offered online; once they are unlocked that is. Your arsenal is composed of numerous rifles, light machine guns, shotguns, grenades and pistols. The four classes that you can choose to play as are: assault, engineer, support and recon. Each class offers its own advantage in battle. You are able to heal and revive fallen teammates as assault, equip anti-armour weapons, mines and the ability to repair vehicles as an engineer, use claymores, mortars, C4 and drop ammunition caches as support, while recon can use motion sensors, drop spawn points and operate a micro UAV. It does, however, take some time to gain the required amount of experience and levels to unlock upgrades, but this in turn also improves your overall skill with certain weapons and classes. Class-specific items can only be unlocked by playing as that class. The same can also be said of vehicle upgrades. You can adjust and change your weapons and upgrades within the customization menu from the main menu or you can do it in game.

Teamwork is also a defining factor of online play. The ability to play in a squad of up to four players greatly adds to the enjoyment of playing. You are able to either spawn on control points or squad members. You can easily plan out strategies by utilizing the four classes that are available. Distracting enemy vehicles while someone plants C4 on them and detonates them always seems to do the trick. The only issue with squad based gameplay is that it can only support a total of four players. If you play with more than three friends they will have to join a separate squad, therefore being unable to spawn on you.

The addition of cooperative gameplay is welcoming; however the limitations of only offering six missions, no checkpoints, and the fact that you can only play cooperatively online quickly downgrades the overall benefit. Some additional features of online play that stand out deal with weapons and their attachments. The realistic nature of using a sniper rifle makes it more difficult, but at the same time more skill oriented when aiming at targets in the distance. Battlefield 3 offers a realistic experience as you have to account for the distance that the bullet has to travel before reaching its target. You are also able to unlock and attach a bipod to a light machine gun that, when deployed in a prone position, reduces the amount of recoil while firing, making your shots more accurate. There are also two additional weapon attachments that are noteworthy. The first, the tactical flashlight, is particularly useful during smaller, close-encounter maps that give you the ability to temporarily blind an enemy upon aiming at them within close proximity. The second, the laser sight, improves accuracy from the hip as well as turns the screen of targeted enemies red. Even though most maps do have vehicles in them, a nice feature would have been to have maps where your only course of action were to man tanks or jets against one another.

Online gameplay is where Battlefield 3 excels. There are a total of five game modes offered online: conquest, rush, team deathmatch, squad deathmatch and squad rush. Conquest involves capturing and controlling command flags in order to diminish the enemies’ tickets. Tickets are the score that is beside your team colour, either red or blue, and determines how many respawns are available. It is the more enjoyable of modes as you can choose which command flags to assault or defend. Rush involves either defending or destroying pairs of stations situated on the map. It is the defenders aim to halt the attackers progression as every inch of field lost will slowly lead to defeat. Team deathmatch is just one team against the other and the first to reach a certain amount of kills is victorious. The squad based modes present a more strategic approach as it is several squads pitted against one another.

The melee combat system is a bit unbalanced in Battlefield 3. If you sneak up behind an enemy and melee them it triggers a melee animation. These up-close and brutal melee attack animations are definitely adopted from Killzone 3. However, it takes more than a single melee attack to kill an enemy from the front, complicating close-quarters combat which usually results in several frantic shots from the hip, hoping that you won’t be killed.

The sounds and music during gameplay will simply amaze you. Every mission offers an abundant amount of sounds that will be extremely pleasing to listen to. Gunfire, bullet casings hitting the ground, explosions, shouting, cursing, police sirens, vehicles moving and firing, as well as ambient sounds all come into play throughout Battlefield 3‘s single player experience. The online experience also offers various amounts of different sounds. The main difference is the amount of vehicles that you encounter throughout the maps. The soundtrack heard throughout the game also makes the gameplay much more immersive. The suspenseful music leaves us curious as well as makes us approach certain areas more cautiously. The climactic events are also portrayed with a thrilling soundtrack, intensifying the importance of the occurrence.

Battlefield 3 offers a multiplayer experience unlike any other shooter game currently on the market. While the variety of weapons and classes, the ability to man vehicles, and destruction are its key defining features, there are several other factors that contribute to its success. The visuals and sound offer a high definition experience that will continually amaze you as you progress through both the single-player campaign and multiplayer game modes. A certain Russian character in Battlefield 3 states, “You can only die once. Make sure it is worth it.” While we have the privilege of dying countless times online, we are able to explore many possibilities in eliminating enemies. Kamikaze runs in jets, driving jeeps equipped with C4, and using stingers while parachuting, to name only a few, are indeed worth a death or two.


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    The game is great but havin’ no online/offline split-screen kinda sux 4sure.